Why You Need to Try Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

What is manual lymphatic drainage massage?

If you’ve never tried a manual lymphatic drainage massage, you might be unsure of what it is. There are so many different massage treatments to choose from that manual lymphatic drainage often takes a back seat compared to its more popular sports massage counterpart.

What is lymph fluid?

Lymph is something that is not talked about enough. The body produces 8-12 litres of lymph fluid each day, and around 4 to 5 litres of that is reabsorbed by lymph nodes.

Lymph is a vital part of the human body, as it delivers nutrients to the body’s cells and tissues, whilst also receiving their waste products. However, problems occur when lymph fluid flows slower than blood and begins to cause a build-up of lymph. This is where manual lymphatic drainage comes in. No matter where in the body the build up of lymph is, a manual lymphatic drainage massage will enable your body to find new pathways to drain away excess lymph fluid.

How professional massage therapists perform manual lymphatic drainage

A professional lymphatic massage therapist will use circular, upwards and outwards massage techniques to drain away any excess fluid. Manual lymphatic drainage techniques have been known to be particularly soothing and relaxing forms of massage therapy. Always ask your massage therapist for their experience and qualifications before starting treatment to ensure the best results.

The top 5 reasons why you need to try manual lymphatic drainage are:


  • Reduces swelling

Swelling is caused by the build-up of fluid in areas of the body. When pockets of fluid become trapped, they can become uncomfortable, hard, and uneven. Manual lymphatic drainage massage is known for its ability to drain away excess fluid which rids the body of swelling and discomfort.


  • Reduces cellulite

Cellulite is caused when fluid presses up against cross hatched fibres beneath the surface of the skin. A benefit of manual lymphatic drainage is that it can help to visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite by reducing the amount of fluid in the affected area.


  • Treats acne

A hidden benefit of draining fluid build-up underneath the skin is that it can help to treat and prevent acne. Manual lymphatic drainage will enable toxins that block pores to drain away. Leaving you with clean, healthy pores. Another reason why it’s so good at treating acne is that manual lymphatic drainage massage can also help to remove hormones from lymph fluid. This creates a better regulation of unbalanced hormones which play a big factor in the cause of acne.


  • Improves digestive issues

Massaging abdominal walls can help to eliminate any blockages in the digestive tract. Stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system with a manual lymphatic drainage massage can provide relief from many different digestive issues. Such as, increasing intestinal mobility, releasing trapped gas, and increasing digestive secretions.

  • Protects against bacteria and virus

Lymph fluid gets rid of any waste that cells make and contains white blood cells which fight infection. The colourless lymph fluid is brilliant at moving round the body and fighting off bacteria and virus wherever it goes.


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