The benefits of having a sports massage when training for a marathon

By March 6, 2024News

Do I need a sports massage before a marathon?

Are you currently training to run a marathon but scared of encountering an injury along the way? We might have the answer to all your problems! A sports massage is a great way of preparing for a big event that can be physically challenging. It can be incorporated into your training plan, and regularly used to ensure maximum benefits. There is a plethora of positives that accompany this treatment which we will unpack throughout this blog, helping you decide which massage is right for you…

Limits muscle injuries

Firstly, a significant benefit is the prevention or aid of muscle injuries. Often running can lead to multiple problems, caused by tension or weakness of muscles, tendons, and ligaments. This can commonly affect areas such as the knees, achilles, and shins. Sports massages can help by identifying these problems early and addressing the issue by targeting specific points. Massaging increases blood circulation and muscle temperature which encourages the body’s recovery by sending nutrients and breaking down scar tissue causing pain. Therefore, it’s able to help stop the injury from becoming any worse.

Achieve a PB

Additionally, whether this is your second or hundredth marathon, improving on your last race is a goal for most. It’s found that sports massages can help enhance performance, improving your efficiency, stride length, and economy. This can all factor in to help you get your quickest run!


Training for a marathon can also induce a lot of stress which has mental and physical effects on the body. It’s found that having a massage can help reduce anxiety and relax the mind, crucial in helping you maintain focus. This can be especially useful nearer race day as nerves may be higher.

Increase flexibility

Continuing from this, another benefit of the massage is the improvement in the range of movement. As the muscles are worked on, tension is released, and muscles are loosened. This increases your flexibility, aiding your run by allowing your body to move more easily and approach challenging terrains with less difficulty.

Improves sleep

Finally, we all know before a big race it’s important to get a good rest. That’s why it can be so beneficial to get a massage on the previous days as this can promote a night of restful sleep and prepare your body. Having enough sleep beforehand allows for high performance, better concentration, and more energy.

In summary, having a sports massage can significantly improve your overall experience when training for a marathon. Including sessions as part of a holistic plan will collectively provide you with a good base when it comes to race day.

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