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Deep Tissue Massage Technique

Deep tissue techniques involve the massage therapist applying pressure to the client’s body with their hands, arms, and body weight. The techniques used during Deep Tissue Massage treatment are used to promote the relief of muscular tension. Here at Olive Massage, we always apply appropriate pressure during our Deep Tissue Massage techniques. We understand that everyone has different pressure tolerances, and we always listen to our client’s requirements regarding their comfort and preferred pressure.

Health Benefits

You don’t have to have a muscle injury, aches, or pains to enjoy the benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage. There are plenty of reasons why Deep Tissue Massage is popular amongst our Leeds clients. The increase in serotonin and dopamine associated with Deep Tissue Massage creates an opportunity for many mental health and general well-being benefits. We love to leave our Leeds clients feeling relaxed and refreshed after their Deep Tissue Massage treatment, both mentally and physically.

Leeds Deep Tissue Massage Clinic

We offer our Deep Tissue Massage treatment in both our Leeds Clinic and Wakefield Clinic. You can book online for a Deep Tissue Massage or visit our Leeds Massage Clinic.

579 Selby Road, Colton, Leeds, LS15 8PX

Alternatively, to book a Deep Tissue Massage in Wakefield please contact us today.

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