prenatal massage

Prenatal Massage Technique

Prenatal Massage techniques involve using prolonged and smoother massage strokes. Less frequent and softer pressure than a normal massage can soothe mums-to-be and reduce pain at the same time. Here at Olive Massage, you’re in experienced hands. All our specialist Prenatal Massage therapists are fully trained, insured, and qualified. Our Leeds Prenatal Massage therapists will put you in the most comfortable position for your Prenatal Massage and will ensure your safety throughout.

Health Benefits

Our Leeds patients have reported alleviation from back and pelvic pain that pregnant women often suffer from during pregnancy. Receiving regular massages after the first trimester of pregnancy has been reported to have many health benefits, from immediate relief from discomfort to regulated hormones and feeling great afterward. Our Leeds Prenatal Massage therapists will create a massage to suit individual aches and pains and ensure the best outcomes.

Prenatal Massage Leeds Clinic

We offer Prenatal Massage therapy in both our Leeds Clinic and Wakefield Clinic. You can book online for a Prenatal Massage or visit our Leeds Massage Clinic.

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