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KORE Therapy

KORE Therapy (Kinesthetic Optimum Recovery Enhancement) is a truly original holistic therapy that uses a range of techniques to bring balance to all the body’s systems. The undeniable success of KORE Therapy is due to the root cause of the problem being sought, rather than just treating the symptom.

New clients receive a full consultation which gives the therapist a clear picture of the areas that need attention, and aims to either provide relief from, or clear symptoms all together.

KORE therapists are skilled in a wide range of therapies including Cupping, Massage, Acupuncture, Cranial Balancing, Food Intolerance Testing and Anmo Fu or abdominal massage techniques. The therapist aim is to understand the true holistic nature of the body and how systems can interact, causing pain and associated problems, e.g. stress causing IBS, fatigue and weight gain.

KORE Therapy treatment times range depending on individual needs. Treatments usually last between 45-60 minutes. Initial consultations last a little longer, around 60-90 minutes as the therapy works on the premise that diagnosis is everything.

Initial treatment/consultation @ £40

Follow up treatments @£40

Illnesses successfully treated by KORE Therapy include muscular/skeletal aches, pain & injury, IBS, headaches, stress, ME, infertility, weight gain/loss, colds/flu to name but a few.


Anmo Fu (Abdominal Massage)

Anmo Fu is a type of massage that comes from China, based on the theory that internal organs not only control our physiology but also our psychology. The Anmo or ‘pressing’ of the Fu or ‘organs’ works to increase the toxin flushing ability of all the intestinal areas.

This treatment is great for detoxifying the body and can help with:

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME)
Constipation / Diarrhoea
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Chrones Disease
Menstrual Issues
Lower Back Pain

Treatment time -1hr @ £40


Korean Hand Therapy

According to the theory of Korean Hand Therapy, the hands are a miniature of the human body and there are 14 micro-meridians and 403 acupuncture points on our hands which regulate the whole body. During this treatment, specific acupuncture points are stimulated which aim to resolve pain, illness and to balance internal organ function.

KHT uses a variety of instruments. Gold, silver and magnet press pellets can be placed on a number of points to help with a basic first aid treatment. For a serious, chronic disease, the small acupuncture needles are used or moxabustion (a heat treatment).

Clients do not have to get on a couch or disrobe so it is a great option for people with reduced mobility and children. It is always better to prevent illness than to try to cure. KHT is fabulous for this and you can do to yourself at home.

Treatment time – 45 mins@£40

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