The benefits of getting pregnancy massages frequently

By March 12, 2024News

Should I have a pregnancy massages frequently?

Pregnancy often comes with a range of challenges, and this can in turn take a toll on your body, whether that be physically or mentally. With the expectancy of a new life, things can often get hectic and it’s easy to neglect your own health. However, contrary to this, not only is it important to look after your baby but it is also just as vital to take care of your own well-being. This is why we’d recommend putting together a plan and ensuring regular self-care treatments such as pregnancy massages.

Decreases aches and pains

One common problem that comes with pregnancy is increasing muscle aches and pains. As your body adapts, muscles and joints are put under strain by the baby. Having pregnancy massages frequently can help alleviate some of this built-up pain by focusing on these problem areas. The therapist will use light pressure and long strokes to ease the discomfort.

Reduce swelling

Additionally, through gentle massaging, we can also achieve a reduction in swelling. This is through moving the fluid to help increase circulation in the body that has built up in certain areas. These typically include the hands, feet, and ankles.  Having this as part of a regular routine can help keep swelling to a minimum and therefore allow a more comfortable pregnancy.

Better quality sleep

Carrying on from this, sleep is often a struggle even before the baby arrives. It can be hard to get comfortable, especially as you reach nearer the end of your pregnancy and the baby is fully grown. Fortunately, having pregnancy massages frequently can help alleviate some of this discomfort, and allow for a night of better sleep. The process helps release tension in these problem areas and increase serotonin levels, making you feel calm and relaxed.

Preparing for labour

Furthering this, whilst your body changes for labour, the introduction of regular massages can also help aid your preparations. The technique focuses heavily on the muscles and joints involved in labour, increasing their mobility and flexibility. This in turn can make it easier when baby is born and give you more confidence going into the birth.

Summarising, there are multiple reasons for implementing regular massages into your pregnancy plan. The process is able to ease you through the journey and help get you ready for motherhood. This can be a scary, uncertain time for many expectant mothers but we’re here to put you at ease. We focus on taking care of you, to allow you to focus on your baby.

Please note, however, that we could need approval from a doctor/midwife before massaging if the client is experiencing certain conditions.

If you’d like to book a pregnancy massage, please call 07711 633 512 and our team will secure your booking. On the other hand, if you are interested in learning about the other treatments we have on offer, why not check out the previous blogs at Olive Massage Blog.

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