The Wonderful Benefits of Cupping Therapy Explained

By April 20, 2023News
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Cupping Therapy is quickly becoming popular treatment choice amongst our clients. It can provide many wonderful benefits and can also help to treat various conditions. Continue reading to learn more about Cupping Therapy and how you could benefit from this treatment.

What is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping Therapy is an ancient and usually gentle treatment, which specifically targets soft tissue. The treatment is carried out using plastic cups with valves at the top to create suction against the skin. Oil is also used as a lubricant to ensure the cups glide easily and smoothly across the skin when necessary. You may feel slight heat if the cups are moved around, this is caused by friction between the oil and cup.

If your skin becomes red during the treatment, don’t worry as this is completely normal! It occurs when the cups are left in the same place (between 5-15mins), which causes blood flow to become congested. Bruising is also common after treatment and this is very normal, it should clear up after a couple of days.

What Are the Benefits of Cupping Therapy?

Here are some examples of the benefits Cupping Therapy can provide…

If you have any specific requirements and would like to know how cupping could help, contact us to learn more. Our friendly team will be more than happy to advise and explain this treatment in further detail.

Pain Relief

Cupping Therapy can help to reduce general muscle pain, aches and even sports related injuries. This is achieved the suction causing a build-up of fluid in a specific area or soft tissue. Small blood vessels under the skin then open due to the applied pressure and blood then rushes to the area. As these different stages take place, the body’s natural healing process is stimulated. The aim is to break down scar tissue, which helps to remove unwanted toxins which can then alleviate muscle pain.

Reduce Inflammation

If you suffer from inflammation, Cupping Therapy can help to ease and control your symptoms. The suction reduces inflammation by again by building up fluid and kick starting the healing process upon release. After the treatment, toxin build ups are usually released, resulting in the reduction of inflammation and visible swelling.

Reduced Cellulite

The suction created during Cupping Therapy breaks down cellulite by applying reverse pressure to the affected area(s). Results are not likely to be immediate and it can take multiple treatments for the results to become noticeable.  However, you may notice that you skin does feel smoother after your first couple of treatments. The specific areas must be targeted for Cupping to have any effect on Cellulite, so make sure you point these out!

Improved Digestion

Cupping Therapy can help to improve digestion and is achieved by carrying out light cupping, focusing specifically on the abdomen. It helps to clear any colon blockages, which is why Cupping Therapy can be great for anybody suffering with constipation. When Cupping Therapy is carried out on your abdomen, digestive organs are stimulated which makes them work more efficiently.

If you’re interested in booking a Cupping Therapy appointment, please contact us or call 07711 633 512 to find out more.

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