Pressotherapy Treatment Explained – What Is Pressotherapy?  

By September 8, 2023News
Pressotherapy Treatment Explained – What Is Pressotherapy?

We’re incredibly excited to be introducing Pressotherapy to our range of treatments here at Olive. We believe Pressotherapy treatments will provide fantastic benefits to our wonderful clients and is now available to book. Continue reading to learn more and to discover what Pressotherapy is and how it could benefit you.

What Is Pressotherapy?

Pressotherapy is a type of lymphatic massage, that uses advanced technology to maximise the results. This doesn’t mean that manual lymphatic drainage isn’t still worthwhile (as it certainly is) but simply enhances the treatment further.

What Is the Difference Between Pressotherapy and Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

Both are excellent treatments and provide various physiological and physical benefits. They are becoming increasingly popular and we’re seeing this at both our Wakefield and Leeds Massage clinics. When it comes to understanding the differences between both treatments there is one key difference, which is how they are administered. Pressotherapy is carried out using a machine, whereas lymphatic drainage is performed manually by hand. You might prefer one of these more than the other depending on your needs and specific requirements.

How Do Pressotherapy Machines Work?

Pressotherapy machines work by using compression and decompression to stimulate the lymphatic system. This is achieved using different levels of air pressure which is controlled directly by the computer/device. These machines are designed specifically for Pressotherapy making them safe and effective to carry out the treatment.

The machines allow the whole body to be targeted, rather than focusing on just one specific area at any one time. The main areas that will be targeted whilst wearing the compression suit are your arms, legs, and stomach.

What Are the Benefits of Pressotherapy?

As with manual lymphatic drainage, Pressotherapy offers a wide range of benefits, examples of these include:

  • Can help to reduce cellulite and make skin texture appear visibly smoother and more toned.
  • Promotes the removal of unwanted toxins from the body by increasing lymphatic flow.
  • Relaxes muscles and can help to reduce muscle aches and pains.
  • Helps to reduce swelling and inflammation around your joints.
  • It can have a positive impact on your immune system due to the increased stimulation of the lymphatic system.

Who Is Pressotherapy Suitable For?

When booking any massage treatment, it’s important to check with your healthcare provider/masseuse beforehand to ensure it is safe. This is particularly important if you suffer from any health complications or have recently undergone surgery. If you’re pregnant, it’s important to avoid Pressotherapy due to safety reasons, pregnancy massages could be a more suitable substitute.

If you have any issues, concerns, or questions before your Pressotherapy appointment, please discuss this with our team. It’s important that you feel relaxed, reassured, and safe before any treatment and this is our top priority.

Next Steps…

If you would like to learn more about Pressotherapy, please contact our friendly Olive team today. Alternatively, if you would like to go ahead and book an appointment, please call 07711 633 512.

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