The Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

By June 24, 2019News
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Pregnancy can be such a wonderful time of your life, full of special moments such as scans, first kicks and hiccups!

Whilst doing an amazing and miraculous job of growing a tiny human, Mummy-To-Be also experiences a dramatic physical change. The extra weight as baby chunks up, growing those gorgeous thighs and arm rolls can put a lot of pressure on Mum’s joints, ligaments and internal organs. This causes discomfort and pain, particularly in the final trimester.

Here are five reasons why massage can be a wonderful and beneficial treatment in pregnancy:

  1. Encourages a bond with your unborn baby


Receiving massage during pregnancy is a great way to nurture your body. It gives you time to be consciously aware of your growing baby and bond with him/her. Massage produces endorphins and serotonin which calms Mum and Baby alike.

  1. Suffering from feet the size of elephants or cankles?

This can be due to the build-up of fluid in your legs, ankles and feet, therefore, pregnancy massage can be a fantastic way to remove toxins and reduce swelling. Your circulation is working extra hard and massage can improve it, stimulating the blood flow to problem areas, easing discomfort.

  1. Improves labour

Massage is strongly linked with relaxation and isn’t that something that every Mum and Mum-To-Be strives for?! There isn’t much time for it once the baby arrives so why not indulge during pregnancy? It can help you to relax during labour and this can result in shorter and easier births, less pain and a lower rate of postnatal complications – sounds good right?!

  1. Sleep

Any mother knows that sleep is the holy grail and there is very little of it with a newborn. Unfortunately, with restless leg syndrome, the inability to get comfy and the small human inside using your bladder as a trampoline, sleep deprivation can begin pre-birth. Massage is beneficial in two ways: a) the relaxation will make it easier to sleep and b) it will ease aches and pains that might keep you awake.

  1. The Feel Good Factor

It’s quite common to feel emotional or anxious during pregnancy. It can be a stressful time, worrying about labour, finances and a new way of life. There are so many hormonal changes and emotional well being can sometimes be overlooked. Massage has so many mental health benefits, giving the expectant mother something to look forward to and much-needed self-care time.

Olive Massage Pregnancy

We were pleased to welcome Wakefield Mum Blogger Becka to Olive Massage during her second pregnancy

“I’d been suffering with pains in my lower back and a lack of sleep due to being unable to get comfortable (I like to sleep on my front). That night I genuinely had THE BEST night’s sleep and I put that down to my body and mind being totally relaxed after Lucy had worked her magic. I cannot recommend Olive Massage enough for your holistic treatments.”

It is important for any massage to be performed by a trained therapist. Olive Massage therapists are trained to massage from 12 weeks to 42 weeks. They have many years of experience working in the massage and holistic therapy field however we may need a doctor or midwife approval prior to massage if you are experiencing certain conditions.

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