The Most Popular Massage Treatments in Leeds 2022

By October 10, 2022News
popular leeds massage treatments

Which is the most popular massage in Leeds?

Curious as to which massage in Leeds has been the most popular in 2022?

We’ve collected the data to bring you this list (in order) of the most searched-for massage treatment in Leeds.

As there are so many different massage treatments to choose from, it’s often difficult to pick the right one for you. We hope this list helps to explain the differences between each treatment and inspire your next massage.

Here are the most searched for massages in Leeds according to Google Search results:

As the human body is made up of 70% soft tissue, it’s no surprise that damage can occur from strenuous or unaccustomed exercise. Our Sports Massage is popular amongst athletes and those with specific pain in the body caused by muscle injury. The deep tissue massage techniques used to speed up sports recovery time can also increase sports performance. It’s no wonder this remedial massage is in the top spot as you can heal your muscles and lower your stress levels in just one treatment.

Perfect for complete beginners, Swedish massage is also referred to as the ‘classic massage’. This is due to its gentle and relaxing nature caused by a combination of both soft and deep massage movements. If you’re simply looking to unwind without having any specific muscle damage, that you would like to target then this is the massage for you. Enjoy full body relaxation and melt your stress away with a Swedish massage.

With its ability to decrease back pain, reduce swollen ankles, and regulate hormones. It’s not surprising that so many pregnant women choose to complete a course of pregnancy massage therapy. This popular massage treatment has allowed mothers to connect with their unborn babies and reduce daily stress levels throughout the earliest civilizations.

Often confused with a sports massage, a deep tissue massage is popular for relaxing the full body instead of targeting just one area. You don’t have to focus on improving a specific injury with a deep tissue massage as it can be used to locate the original source of any tension that you’re unsure of where it came from. Although deep tissue massage uses the same techniques as a sports massage, deep tissue massage can be used primarily to aid relaxation.

One of the main reasons why manual lymphatic drainage massage is so popular is for its ability to decongest your system and reduce swelling. There are many benefits of draining away build-ups of lymph fluid such as improving digestive issues, treating acne, reducing cellulite, and preventing migraines.  Even if you don’t suffer from swelling the gentle stimulation of vessels under the skin will leave you feeling calm and relaxed.

If you’re still unsure of which massage treatment you would like to book, then you can arrange a consultation with one of our expert therapists online today.

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