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Do you want healthier looking skin? Wanting to unleash your natural glow? Then Microdermabrasion is the treatment for you. Microdermabrasion uses a non-toxic, non-invasive suction method to gently remove the unwanted, dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. The treatment will consist of a handset filled with non-allergenic crystals that intensely exfoliate the skin giving you that younger, fresher look.

With the high levels of pollution, the harsh, cold conditions of winter and the daily activities of everyday life it’s easy for your skin to feel dry, clogged up and contaminated. With our Microdermabrasion treatment, you no longer have to worry!

Let me tell you more about the benefits:

  • Clean pores
  • Even skin tone
  • Reduction of darkness on skin
  • Younger looking skin 
  • Smoothens the apprentice of skin
  • Brighter complexion
  • Reduction of fine lines 
  • Skin looks healthier


Microdermabrasion is a completely new treatment that we are offering and we’re excited to share the experience with you. During your experience, you will see and feel the satisfaction of all the dirt and dead cells being sucked out of your skin. You will be shocked by the thoroughness of the treatment and become more aware of the toxins entering your pores. This treatment will change your life and give you newfound confidence you didn’t know you were missing. I believe no one should have to settle for blocked pores and dirty skin, the natural glow is something everyone deserves. 

Prior to treatment:

Before treatment, we advise you don’t use any tanning products or sunbeds for at least a week prior, also,  exfoliating creams shouldn’t be used for at least 24hrs before. Ensure you haven’t waxed or had any other treatments such as collagen injections or chemical peels a few weeks before you’re due to undergo microdermabrasion. On the day wash your skin with a non-oily face wash. 


After the treatment, you may feel some tightness of the skin and notice some redness however not to worry this is natural and should be back to normal within 24hrs. During this time we recommend you moisturise and refrain from using certain makeup products. 

Who will be doing my treatment?:

The treatment will be done by the lovely Lucy, the owner of Olive Massage. Initially beginning with an interest in deep tissue massage, she has many years of experience and has developed her skills, adding new treatments to expand what she can offer her customers. You are in safe hands with Lucy! 

For more information contact us on our website:  https://olivemassage.com/portfolio/microdermabrasion/ where you can also book a consultation.

Or phone us on 07711 633 512

Or if you would rather you can pop into the shop. We are located at 10 Andrew Street, Wakefield, WF1 3QH

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