How lymphatic Drainage Massages boost your immune system

By January 10, 2024News

As we approach the depths of winter, the risk of catching an illness is increased and our immune systems are shown to be weakened. This is why it’s imperative more than ever to focus on improving your health and well-being routine during these months. Looking after our bodies can help boost our immune system and fight off viruses more easily. Therefore, by actively using these processes, we are better equipped and less susceptible to illness when it spreads.

How is the Lymphatic system connected to the Immune system?

One way to implement changes to your routine is through Lymphatic Drainage Massages. This is the process of manually moving built up of fluids to other areas of the body that are less congested. As the Lymphatic structure is part of the immune system, it is vital this is functioning properly to ensure protection against invaders.


The Lymphatic system is capable of producing white blood cells that are used to fight off foreign bodies. This means it needs to be clear and able to flow freely in order to distribute these defenses. By performing Lymphatic Drainage massages, we are able to encourage movement by removing these barriers. This means your white blood cells are increased, thus leaving you less likely to fall ill.

Boosting the immune system through exercise

Additionally, another advantage of Lymphatic Drainage is an increase in mobility. As swelling is reduced, the range of movement is improved. Therefore, this makes exercising less painful and easier to do on a daily basis. It is shown that exercise can help regulate immune cell activity and also encourage the distribution of white blood cells. Regular movement can also increase the reproduction of older cells, recycling those previously used to strengthen the defense.

Reducing stress levels improves the immune system

Moreover, Lymphatic Drainage massages are often performed on patients who struggle with swollen, uncomfortable areas of buildup. This continuous discomfort can cause the sufferer high levels of stress and anxiety. However, when the area is relieved of congestion, patients often describe themselves as more relaxed. This decrease in stress levels is important when it comes to your immune system. Prolonged periods of stress can cause a reduction in lymphocytes, meaning it becomes increasingly harder to protect against illness. By bringing down levels of anxiety we can bring down the chances of this happening.

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