Leeds Corporate Massage to Promote Workplace Well-being

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Leeds corporate massage FAQ's

Leeds Corporate Massage FAQ’s

79% of British adults experience work related stress. Considering we spend 50% or more of our total waking hours at work. That is too much time spent under high amounts of mental and physical stress. Many businesses have realised that by treating and rewarding employees for all their hard work. It will lead to happier employees and increase engagement and productivity at work. Picture employees driving to work in rush hour traffic. Stressed over morning meetings and deadlines. To find Olive Massage are on-site. Fully equipped, and ready to ease any aches or pains that they have. Nothing says thank you for all your hard work quite like a Corporate Massage right at your very desk.

Benefits of corporate massage

A corporate massage will benefit the employee and the employer. It can be a great way to show staff just how much you appreciate them (whilst boosting staff morale). It’s also a unique perk that your employees can brag about. Which means employees will share just how great working for your business is.

Why choose Olive Massage Leeds

Here at Olive Massage, we have helped support many SMEs to large corporate organisations in and around Wakefield & Leeds. We believe in the power of rewarding your staff and will support businesses in any way we can. We offer corporate massage, sports event massage, exhibition massage, product launch massage, and hospitality massage. Olive Massage has a select team of mobile therapists with the correct insurance, qualifications, and experience needed for businesses to trust that their Leeds corporate massage will be a huge success.

How long does treatment last at work?

On-site massages last for around 15-20 minutes. This is enough time for us to alleviate stress, relax muscles, relieve any tension, aches, and pains.

You can read some of the brilliant reviews from our clients on our Corporate Massage Leeds page.

What kind of license and insurance does the therapist have?

All our therapists are fully insured and qualified to ITEC and VTCT standards. This is a UK Government approved awarding body and world-class qualification.

What treatments do you offer on-site?

We believe rewarding hard work with a well-deserved massage is one of the best ways to promote workplace wellbeing. That’s why we try to offer as many services as possible on-site. Regular on-site massage treatments include Neck and Shoulder Massage, Trigger-point Massage, and Indian Head Massage. We always come fully equipped with our own special massage chair. Whether you would like to treat your team to a Deep Tissue Massage on staff reward day, or an Indian Head Massage during a regular on-site visit, you can book in with us online today.


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