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Full-body massage treatments in Leeds

A full-body massage is a great way to relax your whole body. It’s the option that people choose when they are looking for a way to escape from stress and want every part of their mind and body to relax. If you’re unsure of a specific body part where you’re holding onto tension, then a full body massage will enable your therapist to find it.

‘Knots’ build up and may only be revealed to you during the session. A therapist can use full-body massage techniques to get rid of any fluid build-ups causing the knots.

Full-body massage requires your therapist to work on every major body part such as the back, shoulders, legs, arms, hands, and neck. This means you will usually be asked to undress and covered over with a towel.

Full body massages can take from 60-90 minutes to complete. As this is quite a long time it’s important that you pick the right full body massage treatment for you and your specific requirements.

Here is a list of full-body massage treatments that we offer in our Leeds & Wakefield clinics.

Deep Tissue Massage

If you’re looking for a way to relax your full body, our deep tissue massage in Leeds is one of our most popular treatments. The deep tissue massage techniques used, work deep into soft tissue layers, and help to remove underlying muscle tension. Treating tension straight away can prevent it from getting worse and becoming more painful over time. Working deep into the body’s soft tissue layers will improve blood flow and reduce your blood pressure and heart rate. The deep tissue massage techniques ensure that you will have a deeply invigorating and beneficial massage.

Swedish Massage

Our Swedish massage in Leeds is a holistic massage therapy that can be used to treat the full body (including your scalp). Swedish technique uses both soft and deep movements in the form of percussion, kneading, vibration, tapping, and rolling. Swedish massage is referred to as a ‘classic massage’ which is the type of massage that many beginners imagine when they simply want to relax. This is a deeply enjoyable and comfortable form of massage that is sure to de-stress you. We recommend that you try a Swedish massage first if you’re unsure of where to start.

Hot Stone Massage

Our hot stone massage in Leeds involves strategically placing hot or even cold stones on parts of the body which you’re looking to relax and rejuvenate. Playing with temperature increases blood flow to the area in which the hot or cold stones are placed. Increased blood flow is key to ensuring proper circulation. Improved circulation can heal wounds, give you mental clarity and keep your heart healthy.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

We recommend that you try our manual lymphatic drainage massage in Leeds if you suffer from any type of swelling. Swelling can include any part of the body such as the arms, feet, legs, and face. Manually lymphatic drainage (MLD) massage works by unblocking fluid build-up in the body which can improve digestive issues and acne. If you’re looking to detoxify and de-stress, then a full body MLD massage is sure to leave you feeling recharged.

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