Deep Tissue vs Swedish Massage – Which Treatment Type Is Right for Me?

By March 9, 2023News
Deep Tissue vs Swedish Massage - Which Treatment Type Is Right for Me?

When it comes to recognising the differences between Deep Tissue vs Swedish Massage therapies, people often struggle to differentiate…

This is because in many ways they are very similar, and they are both very popular treatment choices. However, it’s important to understand the differences when deciding which treatment type is best for you.

What actually is the difference between Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage therapy?

The three main differences between these two treatments are as follows:

  • Pressure
  • Purpose
  • Technique

Deep Tissue Massage:

During a Deep Tissue Massage, considerably more pressure is applied in order to break down scar tissue and release knots. This additional pressure releases tension set deep within the muscles, which often occurs from overworking muscle groups. Not only are Deep Tissue Massages used to aid recovery, they’re also commonly used to reduce and treat specific pain.

Deep Tissue Massages consist of slow, deep strokes which specifically target deep muscles and soft connective tissue. Here are some examples of what Deep Tissue Massages can help to manage and symptoms they can be used to treat:

  • Sciatica
  • Tennis elbow
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Sports related injuries
  • Muscular imbalance
  • Chronic muscle pain and soreness

Swedish Massage:

Whereas Swedish Massages don’t require the same level of force and are highly recommended for those new to massage therapy. Due to its lighter technique, Swedish Massage is often known for being less painful and much more calming for clients. One of the main objectives of a Swedish Massage is to encourage and promote relaxation. This is achieved by using ‘effleurage’, which is a gentle massage, also used to identify specific issues which require attention.

If you’re seeking stress relief and relaxation, a Swedish Massage will certainly help you to achieve this. Swedish Massages are also very beneficial if you suffer from any circulatory issues. Both blood circulation and lymph flow increase during Swedish Massages, this is one of the key benefits of both treatments.

Final thoughts…

Deep Tissue and Swedish massages are both excellent treatment choices. It depends upon your individual requirements, but one treatment type is likely to be more suitable than the other.

If you’re new to Massage therapy, Swedish Massage is a great place to start, especially if you’re particularly stressed. It will relax your muscles and increase flexibility, whilst also having a positive impact on your emotional wellbeing. The endorphins which are released contribute largely to your mood and can leave your feeling much happier after a massage.

However, if you’re experiencing specific muscle pain or recovering from injury, Deep Tissue Massage is likely to be more appropriate. If you have any knots, the therapist will target these to reduce pain and increase your range of movement.

Still not sure what massage type is right for you? Contact us today and our experienced team will be happy to advise. We also offer many other treatment types which may be more appropriate for your needs and specific condition. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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