Can Deep Tissue Massages help with back pain?

By November 15, 2023News

Back Pain effects 80% of adults, so it’s no wonder we’re trying to find ways to ease the pain and get our mobility back. We believe Deep Tissue Massages are the future…

What is a Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep Tissue Massages are used to physically help alleviate the pain by targeting the problem areas and breaking down scar tissue formed around them. Typically, the massage will start
with a lighter touch warm-up to prepare the muscles. This covers a wider surface area and is used to discover where the patient needs more focus. Specific areas are then targeted, and
more pressure is applied. Slow, deep movements are used to reach the inner layer of muscles and connective tissue.

What causes back pain?

With 80% of Adults experiencing back pain during their lifetime, it’s an issue that many of us suffer from and often seems impossible to treat. A common cause for back pain is often
injury-related and a result of physical damage such as sprains/strains to the muscles or fractures to the spine. These may be the result of poor lifestyle choices that over time put
pressure on the muscles and leads to pain. However, occasionally it may be caused by other medical conditions including Arthritis, Scoliosis, or Osteoarthritis. These are often more
severe cases and should be discussed with a doctor for the best treatment options.

What are the benefits of Deep Tissue Massages?

When experiencing back pain there are often things that the sufferer isn’t able to do that can affect day-to-day life, such as strenuous activities and sitting still for long durations. Through
focused pressure on these problem areas, we are able to relieve pain and introduce more movement. We believe Deep Tissue Massages are integral to support recovery and find our
clients often describe their problems go, or are significantly reduced after receiving the treatment. Some additional benefits include lower blood pressure, reduction in stress, and
improvement in overall mental health.

Do Deep Tissue Massages hurt?

After hearing the word ‘deep tissue’, it’s understandable many people have reservations about pain tolerance within this treatment. It’s important to understand that within Deep
Tissue Massages there needs to be a certain level of pressure to relieve tension and break up muscle knots. However, here at Olive Massage, we believe communication is key, and before
the procedure, we think it’s important to understand the client’s personal pain levels so that we can cater to this. It may be uncomfortable, but no massage should be intolerable.

How to prepare?

Want to receive the most of out your Massage? Here are some steps we recommend doing before you come to your appointment:
– Empty your bladder before
– Avoid large meals
– Take a hot shower to relax your muscles
– Light exercise to warm up the muscles

Next steps

We hope this has enlightened you about Deep Tissue Massages and the benefits they can offer. If you’d like to book a Deep Tissue Massage, please call 07711 633 512 and our team
will secure your booking. Don’t forget to check out our blogs for more tips and useful advice! for more tips and useful advice.

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