Benefits of Workplace Wellbeing

By July 31, 2019News

It’s great to see that Workplace Wellbeing is becoming more and more prominent in 2019. Many companies are putting together programmes with their employee’s physical and mental health at the forefront of their priorities. When done correctly, wellbeing programmes give employees incentives, tools, social support, privacy, and strategies to adopt and maintain healthy behaviours.  So what are the benefits of Workplace Wellbeing? 

  1. It improves staff morale.
  2. A higher level of engagement and productivity.
  3. It makes businesses more appealing to prospective new employees. 
  4. Enhances staff retention. 
  5. Reduces staff absence due to illness. 

It’s pretty simple really if staff feel well looked after and valued, they will be happier. If they are happier then they work harder and the quality of their work improves.  With this in mind, Olive provide onsite massage in offices and at events across Yorkshire, providing a therapeutic, rewarding and ultimately relaxing treatments for your staff. A quick, 20-minute massage can help to relieve stress, leaving your staff feeling calm, refocused and reinvigorated!  We bring our own special massage chair and all onsite massages treatments are conducted fully clothed, lasting for 15-20 minutes. Treatments include:

  • Neck and shoulder massage
  • Trigger point massage – finding and deactivating trigger points that cause local pain
  • Indian Head Massage – working across the neck, shoulders and scalp

Alternatively, you could organise a staff reward day, offering a range of activities for your employees. These kinds of staff benefits are becoming increasingly popular and treatments on these days are usually more involved than the regular on-site massage service. Every workplace is different so you just need to think about how best it can fit in with you and we will adapt to it! A happy and healthy workplace is good for people and good for business. Happy employees = a nicer place to work for everyone! Find out more here.

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