Discover the Top 10 Awesome Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

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What is a hot stone massage?

Hot stone massage has been around for over 3000 years where it originated in an old Indian healing treatment known as Ayurveda. Like aligning your chakras, the basalt stones are strategically placed on the body to release energy and heal parts of the body that are in pain.

Hot stone massage involves your therapist placing and rubbing the basalt stones along your body to work deeply into your soft muscle tissues. This is a deeply relaxing treatment used to balance and realign the body.

Hot stone massage is not painful at all, and your therapist will ensure that the stones are set at the temperature which best suits you. The stones are light and smooth, and a specialist heater is used to get the stones to a precisely accurate temperature.

Basalt stones

The basalt stones used during treatment are made from volcanic rock which is rich in iron and magnesium. Mountain rivers make the basalt stones naturally smooth and polished from the earth’s elements.

The basalt stones can be used either hot or cold as the temperatures will improve circulation and blood flow to an area at either temperature. Cold temperatures are best for pain and swelling and heat is best for muscle pain and stiffness.

Here are the top 10 benefits of hot stone massage therapy:

  • Relieves muscle tension

Hot stone massage is perfect for relaxing your muscles and decreasing any tension within the body.

  • Creates deep relaxation

The heat from the stones enables you to deeply relax with the warmth as well as enables your therapist to work deep into your muscles.

  • Improves mental wellbeing

The reduction of stress and the escape from mental fatigue will promote better mental well-being.

  • Increases sleep quality

Working the stones deep into your muscles increases your body’s production of melatonin which is key to a great night’s sleep.

  • Improves blood circulation

Whether using hot stones or cold stones the change in temperature on the skin’s surface will increase blood flow and improve your circulation.

  • Increases metabolism

Our hot stone massage boosts your energy levels and metabolism by getting your blood circulating properly.

  • Comforts joint pain

Heat is great at treating arthritis and joint pain as it loosens stiff joints and relieves muscle pain.

  • Natural therapy

Hot stone treatment is a completely safe, natural, and holistic massage therapy.

  • Leaves you feeling rejuvenated

The 90-minute-long full body and scalp massage treatment are sure to re-energise and put a spring back in your step.

  • Encourages mindfulness

Hot stone massage brings awareness to the present moment and allows you to fully focus on your mind and body connection.

We recommend that you follow up your hot stone massage treatment with a rich moisturiser or body oil to leave your body feeling smooth and hydrated.

If you’re interested in our hot stone massage treatment, you can book in with us in Wakefield or Leeds today.



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