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By August 25, 2017News

From free food to days off on your birthday – everybody enjoys a company that comes with benefits. So what are some of the most common benefits, and do you need to go above and beyond to please your employees?

Free gym membership Reducing sickness absence is a challenge that has been puzzling many businesses for years. With more and more of us taking on “office jobs”, we are finding it harder and harder to stay active. So why not encourage your employees to lead a healthy lifestyle by offering a free gym membership? Regular exercise can make individuals up to three times more productive during the day and your staff will feel as though their wellbeing is cared about.


There are hundreds of discount scheme you can enroll on to offer to your employees. These discounts may include money off electricity bills, your employees weekly shop or their favourite high street stores! This incentive can cost you very little, but will be greatly appreciated by your employees. In-house desk massage A stiff neck, aching wrists and painful shoulders. Anybody who’s ever sat behind a desk all day will be all too familiar with the symptoms of workplace fatigue. So why not treat your staff members to a little bit of relief from these all too familiar problems.

Desk massage is a fabulous way to reward your staff for their hard work, and to ease any achey, troublesome areas. Our professional team of therapists will visit your office or workplace and offer treatments to each of your employees.

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