A simple, one step pick-me-up for your skin.

By July 24, 2017News

A simple, one step pick-me-up for your skin.

Who doesn’t love a good massage? One of the less known benefits to massage is to do with your skin, and we’re not just talking about facials. Here’s a quick look at some of the benefits that massage can have with regards to your skin.

Reduces Cortisol production

Cortisol is the hormone produced when you are stressed, and we have all experienced stress at some point in our lives. The hormone has been directly linked to the loss of collagen, the substance that gives your skin a taut, smooth appearance. Thankfully there are ways to slow down the production of cortisol, one of these being massage therapy.

Increases the Flow of Blood

Your blood and your circulatory system are responsible for delivering nutrients and to the rest of your body. This includes the largest organ – your skin! Massage helps to improve blood flow, which makes sure your skin is properly nourished.

Eases Tension in the Muscles

Many wrinkles and fine lines are caused by repetitive muscle movements, including “crow’s feet” from squinting, frown lines from frowning and laugh lines..well..from laughing! Massage helps to release tension in the muscles which can assist in minimizing the appearance of these things. Why not try our Natural Facelift Massage and see the results for yourself?

Spending some time on a massage table can do more than just leave you feeling great – it can also keep you looking fantastic!

It is great to know that spending an hour on a massage table can do more than leave you feeling great. It can also have you looking fantastic. To schedule an appointment with our lovely massage therapists, get in touch with Lucy at Olive Massage today.

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