Ready, set , massage, GO!

By May 15, 2017News

Marathon season is upon us. For most of us, running a marathon is a huge challenge that requires months of dedication to regular training, come wind or rain! With this being said, an injury that could force you to pull out is the last thing you need before your big day. Many of us view massage as a luxury; a way to relax and soothe sore muscles AFTER an event, but not many of us consider the benefits of massage in the stages leading up to a big event.

During the early training stages of your marathon, a professional therapist will be able to identify tight areas and show you how to stretch safely. Aside from the physical benefits of massage in these early stages, it can also mentally prepare you for the event, making you aware of any niggles and tightness beginning to accumulate as you increase your distance, which will allow you to identify potential sites of injury.

It’s the final week before your marathon, and although you’re itching to get running it’s important to relax and eat well. A massage, alongside regular stretching, can prepare your muscles for the event and may even help your recovery time post marathon. It will also ease those pesky nerves!

And finally, the ever so popular post marathon massage. It’s time to take a step back and recover! Sports massage will ease the post-event soreness and tension and give you time to relax and reflect on your achievement.

So? Are sports massages a luxury or a necessity when it comes to training for a marathon? Try it and find out!

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