Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

By May 14, 2018News

It is Mental Health Awareness Week which has got us thinking about work-related stress and how we can help to not only raise awareness but contribute to helping people in the workplace. We all know what it’s like to be stressed but when it becomes overwhelming it can lead to problems such as anxiety and depression and have a real impact on our mental health.

Approximately one third of a person’s life is spent at work, so it’s no wonder that our jobs can have a significant impact on our mental health with 70% of stress related problems being associated with work. Therefore, it is essential that staff wellbeing is prioritised in the workplace.

It goes without saying that there are some things in life that we can’t control, however there are ways in which employers can provide support to help deal with the everyday pressures and stresses at work to ensure staff wellbeing, and make employees feel valued.

Regular corporate massage is a great way to address these issues and the importance of health initiatives in the workplace is becoming increasingly recognised.

The benefits of massage can help reduce anxiety and depression by reducing cortisol and adrenal levels. Massage can increase serotonin and dopamine levels which help regulate mood, sleep patterns, social behaviour and general wellbeing.

Benefits of Onsite Corporate Massage for the Employee:

* Increases well-being

* Alleviates stress

* Relaxes muscles, releases tension and eases aches and pains

* Helps prevent RSI (Repetitive strain Injuries)

* Leaves employees feeling revitalised and energised

Benefits of Onsite Corporate Massage for the Employer:

* Improved employee focus, productivity & company profitability

* Boosts staff morale and makes employees feel valued

* Reduces stress and related absences

Take action on stress in your workplace this Mental Health Awareness Week with Olive Massage corporate massage services. We can provide a range of therapy services which can be tailored to suit any organisation no matter how large or small.

For more information about corporate massage in the workplace contact Olive Massage: or give us a call on: 07711 633 512.

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