Make massage your New Year’s resolution

By January 11, 2018News

We all know the drill, it’s become tradition! Before the ball has finished descending in Times Square, and the confetti has yet to fall, most of us have already made our New Year’s resolutions and possibly already broken them!

Let’s give ourselves the benefit of the doubt. As we indulge in various holiday treats, every year we promise ourselves that once the New Year arrives we will take better care of our bodies. The reason behind resolutions like this vary from person to person be it job stress, family issues or health problems. So why not make regular massage part of your New Year’s resolution?

The benefits of massage therapy are well known and enjoyed by millions of people in the UK every year, and with a whole host of different types of massage to choose from, you’ll never become bored. For many, finding the time to stick to your resolutions can be difficult, luckily many massage therapists offer a mobile service, this includes us here at Olive Massage!


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