The cost of not supporting employers wellbeing

By July 7, 2017News

The CIPD defines employee well being as: ‘creating an environment to promote a state of contentment which allows an employee to flourish and achieve their full potential, for the benefit of themselves and their organisation.’

Mental illness costs the uk’s businesses over £3 billion annually. The cost of not looking after your employees can have a huge effect on small and large businesses. So what can we do to counteract this?

Working towards better workplace wellbeing doesn’t have to cost you the earth, nor does it have to be time consuming. Increasing workplace wellbeing won’t just lower costs to the business, it can actually increase profit too – well looked after employees often feel more motivated and productive – creating better success for the business.

The majority of us spend a third of our day at work, so it is important to be encouraged to be healthy in both mind and body at work.

There are many cost effective ways to increase employee well being, and corporate massage is amongst one of the most popular. Massage helps to relax tension in the body, often caused by stress and bad posture, which a good massage therapist will be able to lend their advice on to minimise discomfort in the future.

If you would like to treat your employees to a corporate massage, get in touch with the friendly team at Olive Massage to find out how we can help you.

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