What our client’s say about corporate massage.

By November 15, 2017News

“We had been working with Lucy for some time and we were keen to experience her services for ourselves. We asked Lucy to do an onsite massage for our small business, we weren’t sure what to expect. There are six of us in our office and we have a small meeting room so we didn’t know how it would work.”

On the day

Lucy and her colleague arrived with what looked like large sports bags over their shoulders and amazed us all by assembling two massage chairs. We were treated in twos there was no need to remove any clothing as the massage was carried out on top of our clothes.
The treatment included neck, shoulder massage and Indian Head Massage which includes the neck, shoulders and scalp.

It’s amazing how a twenty minutes massage can help you feel better. I have poor posture and often get a pain in my shoulders if I sit for too long, but by the end of the treatment my muscles felt much more relaxed.

I asked some of the team how they felt after the massage and the overwhelming response was relaxed!”

Benefits of onsite massage

When so many of us work in busy and sometimes stressful environments we often don’t have the time for off site massages. Offering the facility in your workplace is a real perk and can help with staff wellbeing and help your staff feel calm, refocused and reinvigorated! Corporate onsite massage can really help to:

– Increase alertness and decrease stress hormones

– Repeat treatments can reduce any general feelings of anxiety

– Can help to prevent RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)

Try before you buy

Before you commit to any treatment, we can offer trial days at a reduced rate to see how your staff respond and whether you think these kinds of treatments would be beneficial long term – we’re confident your staff will love it!

To find out more get in touch with the team today.

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