Can’t get to the salon? We’ll come to you!

By August 21, 2017News

Caring for children, commuting to work and running errands keeps our lives pretty busy! Our bodies are in constant motion, and rarely does life stand still. To keep healthy and stay on track , many of us attempt to stick to a healthy diet, catch a few extra zzz’s and exercise more. As more and more people begin to listen to their bodies, there has been an increase in the number of people incorporating regular massage into their lives – and with all the benefits, it’s easy to see why!

The most common reason our clients book in for a massage is for relaxation. If your life is fast paced, maybe you work in a city or have a long commute, then a massage will help you keep up with your busy schedule. If you are on a tight schedule there’s no need to worry about clearing time to travel to your massage therapist – as we offer a mobile service.

What better way to relax than in the comfort of your own home. Our professionals will bring their equipment and expertise to turn your house from home into salon. This service is easy to fit into your day to day schedule and a perfect way to wind down, without the hassle of commuting to and from the salon. The in house massage brings all of the salon massage benefits. These can include reduced stress, eased muscles and improved quality of sleep, allowing you to get on with your daily responsibilities with energy, clarity and more productivity than you thought possible!

Take advantage of the Olive Massage mobile massage services. Relax in a familiar atmosphere and book in for a professional massage treatment today.

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