How can pregnancy massage help you?

By July 7, 2014News

Carrying a baby inside you changes your center of gravity and puts a lot of stress on your back, neck, abdominal muscles, and shoulders. Pregnancy also relaxes your ligaments, so that your pelvic joints are less stable, and changes your posture, pulling your pelvis forward. Add to that the extra weight you’re carrying and you may find you’re lower back is aching.    Sound familiar?!  If so, give us a call  – our trained prenatal massage therapists knows where a pregnant woman’s sore spots are likely to be and may be able to provide some relief.

Olive Massage use Balm Balm ‘Mum to Be’ products which are enriched with a natural and organic blend of beeswax, shea Butter and oils from jojoba, sunflower, and calendula which nourishes and rehydrates the skin leaving it feeling soft, nourished and healthy.

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