Aromatherapy massage – the power of nature!

By August 11, 2014News

If you go for an Aromatherapy treatment you will receive an in depth consultation about your life style. From this information, we then select between 2 and 5 essential oils which will then be mixed with a carrier oil. This mixture known as a blend will then be used for massage.

The carrier oil moisturizes and conditions the skin but the essential oils are absorbed into the blood stream via the pores and the small capillaries just below the surface of the skin. The massage  promotes deep breathing which also allows the molecules of essential oils in the air to enter the body through the nose and into the lungs where again, the capillaries absorb them. The nose is also the only direct pathway to the brain and the olfactory center where fragrance can effects mood and hormonal secretion.

So why all the fuss about getting them into the blood stream? Well they have many properties such as being anti bacterial, anti viral, anti spasmodic, diuretic, analgesic, stimulating, relaxing to name but a few and in getting them into the blood stream they can be transported all around the body!

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