Achieve a healthy bridal glow

By May 8, 2017News

Weddings can be the most memorable, special day of your life, so let’s make sure it’s for all the right reasons! Nerves can often get the better of brides to be – and with so much planning, time and effort gone into the big day we thought it may be useful to share our top tips for a stress-free (ish!) run up to your wedding to help you achieve the highly sought after “glow”.

A “proper” breakfast!

We’re not talking about the cereal bar that has been sat in your cupboard for the last six months! It is important to stick to a regime of eating a good balanced breakfast to keep your energy levels up during this stressful period. We recommend porridge with fruit, for slow releasing energy to keep you going all day!

Book in for a massage and facial!

All of the stress can cause tension to build up in your body, a regular pre-wedding massage can help to sooth your muscles and ease the pre-wedding nerves. Massage boosts circulation, which will help you to achieve that beautiful, healthy bridal glow. Don’t forget about our fantastic range of facials designed to plump your skin and clear your mind.

Slow down!

Feeling rushed on your wedding day will only make you more nervous! Make sure your bridal party are ready before you, so they can help you with your dress, hair and makeup. If you do find yourself in a rush – don’t worry! Diamonds are made under pressure.

The team at Olive Massage would love to help you prepare for your big day. Get in touch here to find out more!

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