Reasons Why Wakefield & Leeds Love Our Sports Massages

By May 11, 2022News

It’s a common misconception that you must be sporty to benefit from a sports massage…

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

To combat this myth, we have gathered a list of the reasons why our Leeds and Wakefield-based clients love our sports massages and how deep tissue massage techniques can help anyone with muscle pain or tension problems.

Read on to discover how you could also benefit from an Olive sports massage without being a pro athlete.

Stress relief

We love to hear that we have helped to relieve our clients stress levels and improve their mental well-being.  Stress can not only hurt your physical health but your mental health as well. When you’re stressed the muscles in your body become tense, a common response we get to relaxing those muscles is that our massages have helped to relax our clients minds and restored peace and calm, not just to the body but also to an overactive mind.

Decreased muscle soreness and tension

Our clients let us know of any injuries, aches, or pains prior to their sports massage as we want to create the safest and most comfortable experience for them. A deep tissue massage can often involve removing knots in the body caused by lactic acid. Whilst this can involve targeting painful areas, a sports massage should not hurt by any means. Whether our clients visit our Leeds or Wakefield based massage site, our clients are not afraid to tell us what pressure they prefer. We tailor all our massages to suit everyone’s specific needs.

Increased mobility

The reason our customers come back time and time again is often due to increased mobility that can occur because of a regular massage. Getting deeper into muscle tissue with a sports massage can increase elasticity and range of movement. Keeping on top of our clients pains and discomforts and watching them increase their mobility is another reason why we love what we do.

Our friendly staff & comfortable treatment rooms

Olive massage is a comfortable place where our clients can ease their troubles and be welcomed by knowledgeable, professional, and friendly staff. With the stress that comes with daily life, we aim to make our treatment rooms a truly welcoming and escapist experience.

We will travel to you

Too busy to come to us? Don’t worry we will come to you. We have visited many workplaces and events in the local Leeds and Wakefield area. We bring all the same excellent massage services to your door that you would get on-site at Olive massage. View our corporate massage Leeds service page to see the fantastic things our clients have said about us visiting them at work.


Whether you plan to visit our Wakefield or Leeds massage site, book a party or event, invite us to your office or conference. Olive massage will be there to help you choose which massage service is best for you. Sports, Swedish, aromatherapy, pregnancy, reiki, we’re sure to have you covered.


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